We develop the good recipes

At Norsk Dyremat we work continuously to develop our already modern and innovative production. In addition, we are keen to develop new recipes, so that both dogs and owners have more to choose from. Everyone knows that taste and smell are very important to dogs. In fact, dogs sense of smell is about one million times better than our own.

Today we have 25 custom-made recipes, a doubling over the last five years. All recipes are customised to dogs and provide the nutrients and vitamins dogs need. We also develop custom recipes for private label customers (please see Private label). 

Bilde av Provit produkter

Canned food

Norsk Dyremat AS is the only producer in Norway of canned dog food (wet feed). Our hermetic/canned products give your dog real food of very high quality. The raw materials are collected directly from Norwegian slaughterhouses. You can choose between different feed types, both “whole feed” and “additional feed”.

Freeze dried food

Our freeze dried food is unique in the Nordic region, and carefully follows recipes that provide the best for your dog. The food is perfectly adapted for hikes and hunting, and is easy to bring in the backpack. You can choose from three varieties; whole feed, additional feed and delicious goodies (liver, beef, bigfood, pollock and turkey) that your dog will love.

Air dried food

We also produce a large selection of air-dried treats for your dog. These are ears and tails from Norwegian pigs, just to name a few. Everything is completely natural without any additives, and is used as a treat, food and dental care for the dog.

Cat food

Our cat food is a 100 percent Norwegian product and completely free artificial flavours. We get our raw materials from Norwegian fisheries, and the finished products are produced and packed at our facility outside Kristiansund. The cat food is available both as freeze-dried and canned food.

Frozen food

More and more dog owners want to feed their dogs pure meat diets. Then you have to be careful about the correct composition of meat, minerals and vitamins. The calcium content is particularly important for maintaining a strong bone structure. That’s why minerals and vitamins are added to our frozen dog food, and it is specifically intended for meaty diets. Many who engage in long-distance dog sledding combine our frozen dog food with our high quality freeze dried food. This combination is nutritionally optimal.