Provit is our own brand for dog and cat food

With carefully thought out recipes and high quality raw materials from Norwegian farms, Provit offers the very best food for active and healthy dogs. Lifestyle diseases also occur among dogs, and healthy foods based on good ingredients are as vital to dogs as to humans. Provit has always used natural products without artificial additives, and our dog food is often preferred by veterinarians in Norway.

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Provit wants to make you and your dog 100% satisfied. In fact – we guarantee it:

Provit 100%


The raw materials all come from Nortura, Norway's leading supplier of meat and eggs. All meat products are guaranteed 100% Norwegian raw materials from Norwegian slaughterhouses.
Provit 100%


Good and clean ingredients bring out the good taste. We guarantee that your four legged friends will enjoy the food from Provit. If not, you may simply return it to the store.
Provit 100%


Using 100% meat from Norwegian ingredients, we always know what the dog is eating. Provit is a completely natural dog food and it may prevent allergies. If you are not satisfied, you can return your dog food to the store.